These are the web pages of Jamie Revell - Jazz Fusion Guitarist and Composer.

Jamie tunes the guitar EADGCF.  In fact - he's been playing in Perfect Fourth tuning for
over 30 years.  "After an initial crusading excitement, followed by the reticence of being
out on a limb, I now find that most people are unaware or indifferent to the tuning, and just
accept me as a guitar player."

In a 2007 QEH Masterclass, guitar great Allan Holdsworth admitted that "if I was starting
guitar again, I'd tune in Perfect Fourths."


Current Projects

New album project underway, in the final recording stage at last!

8 originals, ranging from 13/8 fusion, to time-no-changes swing.  This one will be another trio, 
again with Lester Bennett on drums, but this time with Wally Shaw on Upright Bass.  There will 
also be a guest horn soloist on three of the tracks.  Three of the pieces feature a four piece horn 
section; while two of the introductions feature a string quartet.  The title track "Loafers on the Sofas"
is an extended piece, like a concerto for Jazz Trio and horn section.  There are a couple of tributes.  
I wrote a bop tune "Only Now and Then", which is dedicated to Pat Martino.  You can check it out 
on the Scores page.  The 13/8 tune "Imperial Measures" is a Frank Zappa tribute, which was 
inspired by the bass ostinato on "A Pound for a Brown", originally in 7/4.  I wrote a little fugal 
intro which is a quartet for Shanai (Indian Oboe)/Xylophone/Glockenspiel/Bass. Here's the 
Sibelius audio:  IM_Intro.mp3  Really getting into arranging now - after years of minimalism, I 
can now see that big can be beautiful, too!

The 2008 CD "Blues for Aura Rhanes", featuring Jamie with  
London based players Claudio Leisse (electric bass)
and Lester Bennett (drums) is available here or from
AbstractLogix: http://www.abstractlogix.com/xcart/product.php?productid=24371&cat=0&page=1


Click on a link to listen to an MP3 excerpt.

  1. Daylight Exchange 
  2. The Jeep Steps Out 
  3. Blues for Aura Rhanes 
  4. Desperate Dance
  5. Timelines 
  6. It Happened One Night 
  7. Seven 
  8. A Small Peice of Pudding 



The title track is a minor blues in 11/8.  I got the idea from something
I read (in the loo!) from a sci-fi trivia book.  In the 1950's, a highway
maintenance worker called Truman Bethuram said that he was abducted by
aliens and taken back to their spaceship, where he met the beautiful
commander, Aura Rhanes.  He reported that he saw her eleven times,
before she left forever.  Boy meets alien, boy loses alien, alien becomes 11/8
minor blues...


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